Laura Chassy

Detail of Boats at the Docks of the Potomac River

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Design from Photo Shot of San Francisco Bay On an Alaskan Vacation Composition The Birth of the Space Summer at the Lake Nova Scotia Canada Sunday in Annapolis Susan by the Chesapeake Bay Alexandria, Virginia At the Dock in Annapolis Universal Landscape Boats at the Docks of the Potomac River I Saw This View From a Road My Brother was in Ketchakan For Dad A Glaciated Lake Front in Canada Dimension Outdoor Scene 2nd Journey Checkers Residence I Live in a Story Book Leave Me to Rutes and Harpsichords Jacqueline San Francisco Sunday Promenade Little Design Takoma Park Saucalito Revisited Adams Ave Paul The Two of Us Journey Thru Space Lunch At One With Nature Incredible Time Machine Journey Revisited From a Drawing of my Studio Closet I Speak to You of Rainbows Where Have all the Flowers Gone Fishing Vacation Abstract Illusion Drypoint Exercise A Subtle and Elusive Reference Second Journey Of My Own Design Not Failing My Attempt With Talent A Glaciated Lake Front in Canada Jaqueline Freedom Sold to the Highest Bidder Dimension Play a C Conceiving My Own Space Environmental Perspective Near Home Residence Mono Comes From a Time I Was Growing Up One of the Walks Through Town The Snow at my Residence After Photographing in the Snow To Nova Scotia Brookland Metro Finding a Local Spot to Draw Forest Etched Rendering of My Closet Realizing Angular Design Realizing Angular Space Imagination Path From Cloud I Saw This View From a Road The Two of Us
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